About us

About us

The Norwegian Patient Organization for Gender Incongruence (PKI) is a patient organization for people with gender incongruence and their loved ones in Norway. PKI’s purpose is to work for comprehensive, responsible and accessible healthcare for everyone who experiences gender incongruence.

Our goal is a health care system where everyone in need of gender affirming treatment are able to get the help they need, regardless of factors like non-binary identity, sexual practice or having other diagnosis. We want to work towards a decentralized healthcare service based on informed consent, respect and research.

Read more about our core values in our political platform.


Who are we for?

PKI is an organization by and for people with gender incongruence and their families, friends, partners and other loved ones. With the term “gender incongruence” we intend to include everyone with a gender identity that differs from the gender they were assigned at birth. It is important for our organization to be inclusive and to be working for everyone affected by gender incongruence, regardless of where you are in your process or which words you are choosing to describe your identity or situation.

We want to specify that PKI is an organization for anyone experiencing gender incongruence (and their loved ones), regardless of whether you are a woman, a man or non-binary and whether you identify with “trans”, “transsexual” or as “born in the wrong body”.